Cosmic Candy


Hello everyone! My name is Cora and I am the sole operator behind Cosmic Candy. Cosmic Candy has always been a dream of mine, and because of people like you, I am able to make that dream a reality! My mission is to spread love and happiness through art using fun themes, positive messages, and bright colors. I specialize in ear savers (protect your ears from rubbing against mask strings) and Shroomies (mushroom necklace lighter holders), but I also have other items available such as lighters and canvas paintings. If you would prefer to purchase with Venmo or CashApp, or if you are outside of the United States, please email me or dm me on my platform to make a purchase. (I hope you enjoy all of the lovely talented artists here at Ghostcon 2020!!

Commissions are open! Email is best -

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Use code SPOOKY15!