WELCOME TO GHOSTCON 2020 ~ Fri, Oct 30 - Sat, Oct 31

What is Ghostcon?

Ghostcon is a Virtual Convention hosting all sorts of scary and horror and spooky art (and cute-kawaii-scary too). The goal is to celebrate wonderful artists and showcase your creativity, talent, and hard work, and make new friends along the way. Visual arts as well as musicians are welcome. We'll have a virtual artist alley with your own table, livestreams/chats, raffles, and contests, and if you've got a suggestion for more I'd love to hear it!

What to expect as a vendor

Each participating artist will be featured on the artist page. They will get their own artist page with their bio, shop links, and pictures to showcase and advertise their work. You do not have to be selling merch to participate - simply wanting people to see your art is awesome too! You also do not have to normally produce horror/scary art, but we do request that you include some thematic pieces for the event.

What's the cost?

Ghostcon is FREE to participate as both a vendor and attendee. For livestreams, there will be a schedule to reserve a time and a deposit may be required but will be refunded to you. This is just to ensure that there are no wasted time slots :)

How do I participate?

Applications are now closed, but everyone is welcome to tune in to the event! The schedule will be posted soon!

More updates & news to come! Feel free to follow us on Twitter & Instagram

How to support the convention

Ghostcon is being run for free. Any profits or donations go toward running the convention - i.e. operations (coding, maintaining the website) and prizes for raffles/contests. Check out our support page for more info.

You can also help support Ghostcon just by spreading the word for a bigger turnout. :)